Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oregon Coast: The Bird's-Eye Views of Cape Perpetua

                                         The view from Cape Perpetua looking south.

Cape Perpetua, just 11 miles south of Walport, is the highest point you can drive off Highway 101, rising some 800 feet above the coastal highway.
The paved, two-lane highway climbs to the top in about two miles.
The road is not particularly steep, nor is it frightening to drivers.
Back in 1933, the "CCC" (Civilian Conservation Corps) built a road to the top, plus a stone shelter on the summit and some hiking trails.
During World War II, the summit was a military lookout station.

                                              The stone shelter on top, dates back to 1933.

  On a clear day, it estimated that you can see 37 miles out to sea or some 70 miles up or down the coastline from Cape Perpetua.
(However, it is difficult to get a clear view of the north coast, because of all the dense forest.)

                                                    A lofty perch.

                Plan on one extra hour for a comfortable side trip off Highway 101. The turnoff to the Cape comes up fast, so watch closely or backtrack.

                                                                 Framed view.

                                 Devil's Churn is located just below Cape Perpetua.

                               Supervise young children, as there are some cliffs here.

  Below is a video of Cape Perpetua:

                                                    Historic sign on the summit.

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