Friday, September 27, 2013

The South Oregon Coast: Mystery, Mist and Adventure

The South half of the famed Oregon Coast, from the California border, north to Florence, is stocked with adventure, eye candy and something for everyone, of all interests.

Although it tends to be foggy here early in the day, that just adds to the mystery and also why you have to be patient and not have an inflexible travel schedule here.

There's Arch Rock, Thunder Rock Cove at the far end of the Oregon Coast. There are stunning views at every turn, along Highway 101.

The Rogue River offers some chances for thrilling jet boat adventures.

There's the West Coast Game Park, a great family fun spot and a chance to hold/touch young critters, like baby tigers.

The City of Coos Bay boasts a good modest museum, complete with a Steve Prefontaine room, dedicated to the late Oregon runner who died tragically in 1975.

Elementary school kids will run themselves silly in any sections of the Oregon Dunes, a vast sandy area and hills right along the ocean side.

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